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Baseball Gloves

Victorian era Homemade Children's Baseball Catcher's Mitt.  This smaller sized 19th century glove has a slot in which you slide your hand.  The back side is composed of striped canvas type fabric, while the palm sized is more of a leather style covering, with a leather reinforcement where the thumb meets the rest of the mitt.  The glove measures 8 inches tall by 6.75 inches wide.  There is leather flaking on the palm side, but overall the glove has a great look.

Circa 1900 Spalding Full Web Baseball Glove.  This glove features a light brown soft supple leather, and a red sewn on Spalding tag.  The glove has some mild dry areas and cracking in the liner region, but overall is in very nice condition.

Circa 1910 Esanbe Sporting Goods 1 inch Web Baseball Glove.  This beautiful glove is from a seldom scene maker, and has a bold makers mark.  The glove is marked as genuine horsehide, with the model number 1 75 HL.  The glove has soft and supple leather, and is a smaller sized glove measuring 8 inches tall by 7 inches wide.  A great looking glove from a rare maker.

Circa 1910 M&H Brand Buckskin Buckle-back Catcher's Mitt.  The glove features an embossed M&H logo on its palm; M&H was a Philadelphia area sporting good supplier.  The buckskin of this glove has a suede-like quality, and the glove is in beautiful condition.  Great early mitt from a rare maker.

Circa 1918 to 1927 Victor, Wright & Ditson Youth Sized Full Web Baseball Glove.  This glove features soft and supple lighter color leather, and measures 7 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide.  The glove features a nice sewn on Victor,Wright & Ditson tag on its back, as well as a VWD metal button.  Attractive full web glove from a short lived merged maker. 

Early 1920's Wilson Western Sporting Goods "Snake" Henry Signature Model First Baseman's Mitt.  Frederick "Snake" Henry played for the Boston Braves from 1922 to 1923, but had a more successful minor league career, in which he compiled 3384 career hits (fifth all time in minor league history), 675 doubles, and 200 triples (both ranking him second all time).  The glove is in nice condition with soft leather, and strong markings on its palm area.

Circa 1890's Light colored Buckskin Left Handed Catcher's Mitt.  This glove has nice soft buckskin, and orange toned leather on the sides.  I cannot find a makers mark on this mitt, and it is missing half of its buckle strap.  Nice early left handed catcher's mitt.

Circa 1910 Fielder's Basemitt with double leather reinforced palm.  This glove has no distinguishable makers mark.  Neat looking glove.

Very Interesting Crescent Padded Wilson Brand Softball Glove.  Ok, so softball gloves are the ugly stepsisters in the glove world, but this one is a very interesting bizarre looking early glove.  The glove has a Wilson mark on its palm as well as model 692.  There is some dried out areas of leather on its back, but the intersting side is soft and supple.  There is a bizarre very plump crescent pad that extends from mid thumb to mid pinky that protudes out just over 1.5 inches from the glove.  This rare early softball glove surely is an oddity.
The below gloves have been sold or are no longer available.

Circa 1910 Black Leather 1 Inch Web Baseball glove unknown maker.  The glove features perfectly soft and supple leather, with an intact leather liner, and piping.  The glove measures 9 inches tall by 8 inches wide, and does have any discernable makers markings. 

Circa 1900 Draper & Maynard Fielder's Mitt.  This attractive turn of the century glove features a sewn on D&M maker's tag.  The glove has soft and supple leather and measures 8 inches tall by 7.75 inches wide.  An attractive early D&M mitt.

Spectacular Extremely Scarce 1880's Workman Webless Crescent Glove.  This beauty features a plump crescent pad and this sparsely padded glove is a true workman glove, with no web present.  The glove features soft and supple leather, and has fully intact wool padding.  The glove measures 8.5 inches tall, by 7 inches wide at the thumb area.  The glove features a metal button, and there is no identifying makers mark present on the glove.  These very early style workman gloves are nearly impossible to find, and this is outstanding 19th century baseball relic would be a treasured addition to any collection.
No Longer Available.

Circa 1900 Black Leather Full Web Glove by unknown maker.  This glove has no discernable makers mark, and measures 7.75 inches tall by 7 inches wide.  Attractive early glove.

Circa 1910 Spalding Brand Fielder Mitt.  This attractive glove features a Spalding Trademark button, and the makers mark on the palm is present but very difficult to discern.  The leather is in great condition, this glove has a great look.

Circa 1890's Unusual Child Sized Mitten Style Catcher's Mitt with sewn pocket.  This smaller sized 19th century glove has a slot in which you slide your hand.  This glove measures  a little over 8 inches tall and 8 inches wide, and it has a round sewn area in the pocket.  The glove has some wear, but still has a great early look.

Early 1940's Wilson Brand U.S. Army Special Services marked First Baseman's Mitt.  This glove has soft supple leather, with a rich mahogany color.  Great looking glove dating to the WWII era.

Circa 1910 Wright & Ditson Two Toned Leather Fielder Mitt.  This attractive glove has an embossed Tennis Player Wright & Ditson logo on the palm side, and has a buckle back.   Nice looking early glove. 

Circa 1900 Sparsely padded Full Web Youth Sized Baseball glove by unknown maker.  This attractive glove has soft and supple lighter brown leather, and a nice full web.  I cannot discern any maker on the glove, and it measures 7.5 inches tall, by 6.5 inches wide.  An attractive early full web glove.

1925 Patent Date Unknown Maker Catcher's Mitt.  This glove features Patented Nov 24 1925 on its wrist area, but I cannot find a maker anywhere on the glove.  The glove has a great look and is in very nice condition.

Late 1940's Gem Mint Nokona Brand Professional Model Baseball Glove in its original box.  This glove is in perfect, seemingly unworn glove, with soft and supple leather and strong markings.  The glove is a Nokona Model number 104 glove, with Frank Brown Professional model stamping.  The gloves box features an attractive nokona label, and while its top exhibits some moisture markings, it is in otherwise very nice shape with no rips or tears.  Overall a fantastic looking unworn 1940's Nokona glove.

Circa 1900 Ken Wel Brand Pillow Style Catcher's Mitt with rare Decker Patent Leather protection.  This glove is a large sized catcher mitt, and has a thickly padded palm.  It features a Ken Wel cloth tag on front side.  The decker patent region does have a name carved in it, but with that exception, this glove is in wonderful condition.  The Decker Patent was a leather covering at the top of the glove meant to protect the wearer's fingers from Ty Cobb-esque flying cleats.  Great early Ken Wel mitt.

Circa 1910 Well Made Black Leather 1 Inch Web Baseball Glove.  This interesting glove does not have a maker's mark and is composed of a perforated patterned style leather.  The glove is a smaller sized glove measuring 8 inches tall, and just under 8 inches wide.  The glove features soft and supple leather, and has a mahogany toned interior leather lining.  A very attractive and interesting early glove.

Circa 1900 Tryon Brand Fielder's Basemitt.  This interesting little glove has an embossed Tryon mark on its palm; Tryon was a Philadelphia area Sporting Goods supplier.  This smaller sized glove has a neat look.

Circa 1910 Spalding Buckle Back and Buckle web Catcher's Mitt.  There is a large Spalding logo on the palm side as seen in the above photo.  The leather of this glove is very soft and supple, and it has a nice plumply padded pocket.